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Xixi County, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province, is a total red county in the Soviet Union. Since the study of party history, Xixi County has vigorously carry forward the red tradition, carrying out the practice of "I do practical things for the masses" as a practice of practicing the party loyalty and the initiality of the people, and focus on solving the masses, and constantly enhance the masses. Life quality. I have never thought that the people will do it, and the staff can help me to help me to do work injuries. I am so gratitude! "Lao Lu lying on the bed, facing the Minxian People’s Social Security Bureau The staff of the work injury administrative department, excitedly serialize. Since this year, the Niki County People’s Social Security Bureau has accepted 22 work injury identification applications, and 20 cases of work injury identification were made.

Among them, for the old body weakness, the injured workers who have not been operated or living in the country, and the people who have a difficult to solve the people in the people, and they are effectively supported by the injured workers to save the "guarantee umbrella".

"The community after the transformation, clean, comfortable, our elderly can have a place of activity fitness!" Wang Aunt, who lived in the township office community.

Due to the construction period, the township bureau is long, there is a problem of road aging, rain and pollution pipelines, and difficult parking. It has seriously affects the daily lives of residents.

The Min County Housing and Construction Bureau integrates the seven old communities such as the implementation of the community environment, and the seven old communities such as Dang Tieji, Triago New Town are included in the renovation range, and the community’s infrastructure is improved. The current community infrastructure is complete. The living environment is neat, and there is a leisure place, equipped with fitness equipment, and is well received by the residents.

"The previous electric car can only stop on the side of the road, and the person is congested during school, often happens, now built electric car parking lot, everyone is neatly placed, I am too safe to get out of school!" This is the Yellow Sea Feel the changes.

This year, Xixi No. 1 Middle School Parking project is implemented, dismantling the old housing of unmanned middle schools, and is flattering the trench soil, re-integrating 1500 square meters of land resources around the river, and building it. It is a parking lot for more than 500 electric vehicles to meet the parking needs of teachers and students in schools. The little things connect with people’s livelihood, and people’s livelihood came with people.

In the real thing, the party members and cadres at all levels of the group will carry out the "big investigation, big visit, big preaching" and "testing the heart test" activities, and actively solve the people’s appeal with "Open Door Minsheng". At the same time, the "government food" is transformed into the "people to order", through the village (community) visits, the NPC representative recommendations and the political contributions of the CPPCC commission, extensively collect people’s livelihood, and realize private customization.

Up to now, there are 3,934 cases of the county, and 3,478 were handled, and the end rate was%. "Two Mountain Bank", the green and rich people "’Two Mountain Bank’ is really good, to solve the problem of loans and financing difficulties for our SMEs!" He managed to operate in a pine tree forest, while also engaged in food management, as the scale of operation expanded, forest mining needs to replace seedlings, and there is a shortage of funds. When he is committed to raising funds, he learned about the relevant channels of the "Two Mountain Banks" of the "Two Mountain Banks", the relevant policies of the "Two Mountain Bank", and then came to the "two mountain banks" to handle relevant loan procedures, and managed The 366 acre tree forest farm is used as a mortgage guarantee, and the application has applied for a loan of 800,000 yuan.

The ecological resource endowment in Minxian County highlights, and forest coverage is%, which is a national key ecological function area.

In order to realize the value of ecological resources, the county explores the "resource-asset-capital" transformation model "deposit into green mountains and benefits Jinshan Yinshan", in August 2020, in the province, in the province, the first "two mountain banks". "Two Mountain Bank" is the innovation of the information for the people to do practical things for the masses. It is also the "booster" of green hills into Jinshan Yinshan, helping to turn the ecological resources into the people’s bonus, driving the villagers to get poverty, Village collective income. "Before the development, there are many idle housing in the village, and I have been lost for a long time. Now I will build a South source housing cluster, and the government rental housing is rented to investors, and the social capital is more than 20 million yuan, driving the village collective economic development. Improve the income of villagers.

An Introduction to the Deputy General Manager of Xixi County Pure Cultural Tourism Operations Co., Ltd.

The county government integrates more than 1 million yuan, and improves the public infrastructure of Nanyuan Village.

At present, there are 20 buildings such as Starry Sky, Garden, and Guifei, etc., have more than 100 rooms. After all of the people have officially put into the market, it is expected that each year can bring more than 3 million yuan for the villagers, and more than 20 million yuan is increasing for the village collective economy.

"I have always been dry and affordable, and now I can easily, and after developing the guest in the village, I have more than 30,000 yuan in the year with the old people." Talking about the changes in the village, the 71-year-old southern source The village of the village is happy.

Be big industry "cake", build a happy capital, "Thanks to the government to introduce the development of bamboo industry chain development, provide freight subsidies for our bamboo enterprises, cracking the bottleneck of the restricting enterprises to expand capacity, is expected to double the company’s output!" Jiangxi Wu Jianhua, head of Zhuangchi Home Co., Ltd. Wu Jianhua said.

Since this year, the Nik County Industrial Park has held an entrepreneurial symposium, tightening the "card neck" problem of enterprises, the park leads financial, industrial, and forestry, etc., according to the bamboo wood industry chain development support policy, January-September For 40% of the freight subsidies, 50% of the shipping subsidies were given to 50% of the shipping subsidies. "Powder is self-reliant, you must pick the soil layer soft hillside or desolate …" "Shixia Township organic Chinese herbal medicine planting base technician Lechang Lake is guiding the depletion of poverty to plant Chinese grass powder.

Around the Chinese herbal medicine industry, the hometown has used the unique ecological environment to adjust the industrial structure. He has established a Chinese herbal medicine development base integrating planting, acquisition, processing, sales, etc., Yun She Huangji Valley College student internship training base, practice teaching base Vehicles.

At present, "Enterprise + Village Collective + Base + Farmers" has developed 30 Chinese herbal medicines such as 3600 acres of four-leaf ginseng, three-leaf and Huangqing, and a total of 2 million yuan of economic benefits. Drive 80 household deposits, and add 300 employment issues. In the real thing, Xixi County fully promotes the key project of the rural revitalization, and successfully strives for the central special lottery public welfare fund for 50 million yuan to support the rural revitalization demonstration zone project of the undeveloped revolutionary old district, successfully selected a list of agricultural science and technology modernization. In addition, accelerating the effective connection of the rural revitalization and the village revitalization, establish a monitoring network of "four-wire one platform three supervision", innovative exploration to prevent regenerative dynamic monitoring. The county has taken the independent declaration, cadre discovery, data comparison, monitoring site in the county, and the county is taken online employment data information monitoring, the hometown relatives and friends monitoring, etc. People’s livelihood warm people, actually benefit the people.

Wu Shuqin, secretary of the Xixiang County Party Committee, said that the next step, the Minxi will continue to take the spirit and the people’s feelings, explore the establishment of long-term mechanisms, long and vigor, for the construction of the industry, ecological first-class, beautiful and happy "pure homes" Work hard. (Editor: Qiu Wei, Shuai) Sharing let more people see.