“whatever。”Li Tianchou smiled,Reach out and pat your waist,“I have guys,Keep this thing for yourself。”

“Pull it down,Your one is imitation,Can’t compare with this guy。Hold。”Wu Fang couldn’t help but thrust the gun to Li Tianchou,And took out four spare magazines from the linoleum bag,Is also divided into two。 “what,Where’s your big revolver?”Li Tianchou is strange。 “That is a highly simulated toy,I did use it to scare many people,Unfortunately, it was […]

“There is some truth in what the gods say,But the nobles also entered the mortal world,Does it mean that the God Realm no longer exists??”Green shirt woman Shura takes advance as retreat,Although it is a test,But sharp。

“Not bad!There are also relics of the gods in the endless void。”Li Tianchou’s calmness surprised all Shura,Looking at each other,I don’t know if it’s happy or worried,The excitement of destroying the feud is not at all。 “But the ancient gods still exist,The Divine Realm still exists!” Li Tianchou’s later words immediately shocked all the Shura […]

The face of the lame old man is withered,It looks like a rotten orange that has been roasted and shed water,But the piercing eyes are extremely disproportionate to the face,At this time, intentionally or unintentionally, I looked towards Zhangshu,Just like a glimpse of surprise, Wu Zhang was surprised,Almost threw away the telescope in hand。

What kind of look is this,As cold as a knife,Such a long distance is breathtakingly lethal。at this point,Wu Fang wakes up even if he has a fever again,My whereabouts have long been exposed,It can be said that every move is under the other’s eyelids。Reminiscent of the situation last night,It really made the other party laugh,Wu […]

Leo couldn’t help but breathe fragrance,It’s normal to run if you know the world can’t beat,But really let myself meet,I found it really angry。

This guy is completely shameless。 “Die for me!”Leo snorted。 Golden legend?Assault! Leo’s sword flashed with golden light suddenly,Then Leo followed the sword to Si Keen in an instant。 boom! Leo’s speed exploded at this moment,Hit Si Keen by surprise。 Si Keen was still complaining about Leo,I didn’t expect Leo to catch up in an instant。 […]

“Harmful,What is it?,Our Monders have never counted more……Say,You won’t be done!”Boss’s cool laugh,Then turn the turn of the eye,Staring at him。

“Uh,this……,that……boss,I think……”Francis is holding an apple。 How is he just like a clock?! really,He has aware of the importance of not having money.。 “Don’t tell me those,See you is a foreign person,I don’t pay you.,Looking at the face of Barbatos adults,Don’t charge you money.!”The boss took the photo,Closed your eyes。 “What is the big thing […]

Guan Tingna is back ten minutes later,She threw the stack of bills in Xia Jian’s arms and said:“go with!Go to the first floor and go through the discharge procedures for me”

Things have reached this point,Xia Jian is useless anymore。She followed the prompt,Completed the discharge procedures for Guan Tingna。 Guan Tingna doesn’t have much,She only carried a small bag,The rest is a packet of medicine。Because they both drove,And all stopped at the hospital,So it became a problem for a while。 “such,Stop the car first,Let’s go out […]

I will let them dare to revenge.。”

Jin Xijie does not conceal your emotions for Li Hui Feng.,There is no idea to conceal your own ideas.。 Anyway, he has already embarrassed.,These ideas are how to say。 He has made himself as a dead person.。 Just hope that Li will remember to agree to him.。 “Lee Boss,If I die,Remember to help me take […]

The fourth star,Like a dragon and a snake wandering in the void,Cut through time and space‘You Xu dominate’。

Fifth star,Countless light spots as tiny as mustard seeds,Special life form‘Wuyanzi’。 。。。 One bit master,All unselfish、Leave their heritage without reservation。 The endless wisdom and hard work contained in this heritage。 One way、Supernatural power、Occult,With the background of the Three Realms,Strength will usher in a surge。 “Among these supernatural powers,Than me‘Suspicion’owned《Five Cloud Lotus》The strong have three。And the […]

“Boy,The boss behind me is not you can get.,乖 人 错。”

Ma Xiao, just finished,Li speaks directly to the wind.。 Snapped! Crisp loud voice makes the owner of the house also shocked。 He originally thought that Ma Xiao came.,This youth will recognize,Will be directly driven out。 But I didn’t expect it to be such a thing.。 “I asked you or you asked me.?” “Um?” Why didn’t […]

Why should Leo?

If you can’t find the right strong,Charles Rose vowed that he would kill Leo immediately。 Don’t think that Tianlong can do whatever it wants,Tianlong people sometimes refer to a whole,But it does not mean that all individuals of Tianlong people can represent the rights group of Tianlong people。 Charles Roth can’t,So I want to kill […]