5G application integration development will enter the new stage in the potential application of thousands of business

5G commercial two years, under the joint efforts of all parties in the industry, the development has achieved remarkable, emerged in a large number of outstanding cases, and 5G applications achieved breakthroughs from 0 to 1. However, how can 5G development next how to advance the recently conclusion, integration with a 5G industry application online […]

Beijing Winter Olympics Committee and Urban Operational Guarantee Command, the 16th Dispatching Conference of Beijing Xinzhang Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Leading Group Chapter 132 and the capital strict into Beijing management joint defense coordination mechanism eighty three times Conference

  Original title: Beijing Winter Olympics Committee and Urban Operational Guarantee Command 16th Dispatching Conference Beijing Xinzhang Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Leading Group 132 Meeting and the capital strict into Beijing management joint defense coordination mechanism eighth Thirteen meetings held Cai Qi, hosted Chen Ji Ning, Li Wei Wei Xiaodong, Zhang Yancun attended Yesterday […]

Changchun New District launches green approval action to make government service more temperature

Raise awareness and efficient service. Combined with the "business big compassion" arrangement, carry out the government approval service self-test activities, through the problem, digging root, insufficient, repair the short board, firmly establish the business environment "a game" concept in the administrative examination and approval department in the district , Strengthen "approval, service" consciousness, transformation "Whoever […]

China Wine Industry Association and Shanxi Xinjin Business Alcohol Group cooperates to build a white wine winery demonstration enterprise

Sang Shuyu, the Chairman of the Chinese Wine Industry Association, Shanxi Xinghua Village Liquor Group Co., Ltd. Party Committee Secretary, Chairman, Chairman, Chairman, Shanxi New Jinchamber, Hou Qingquan, attended the signing ceremony. At the signing ceremony, the Secretary-General of the China Wine Industry Association and the Secretary-General of the Alcohol Management Committee Du Xiaowei jointly […]

2021 Cross-Strait Entrepreneur Zikinshan Summit

Xinhua News Agency, Nanjing, 7 december 2021, 2021, Ondernemer, Zikinshan Summit, wordt gehouden in Nanjing en Taipei. Het Permanent Comité van het Politiek Bureau van het CPC Central Committee, Wang Yang, voorzitter van het Nationaal Comité van de Chinese Volksconsequentiesconferentie, stuurde een felicitatie naar het Board of Engineering Summit, vertegenwoordigde het Centraal Comité van de […]

Authentication, encourage the development of the masses (on-site reviews)

  Falling new housing property rights in paper, registering into a book, encouraging the development of the masses, and helps to better promote the implementation of the country’s revitalization strategy, in Guanyin Village, Yuejia Town, Pingchang County, Sichuan Province, in the province, Pingchang County, Sichuan Province Easy poverty alleviation and relocation, the housing is not moving […]

Bank of Communications Anhui Branch heeft met succes de First Trade Foreign Exchange-betaling in de provincie, handige pilootbedrijven geland

Onlangs, onder leiding van een anhui-tak van de provincie Anhui, onder begeleiding van het National Foreign Exchange Bureau Anhui Provinciaal Bureau, voltooide de opbrengst van de beurzende valuta-inkomsten en -uitgaven, en diende als de eerste Pilot Bank met succes als KULZ Druk op Technology (Hefei) Co. Kulz PressTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTron. De pilot-bedrijf implementeert 6 pilootactiviteiten voor de […]