Zhu Lei is 30 years old anyway,Be so trained,I can’t hold on to face,Turned around and left。

“stop!Dare you be like Ahua,Don’t come back!” “What are you calling?I can hear your voice at the foot of the mountain,Are you recovering?,Still abuse oneself?”There was a rough voice outside the door,It is Wei Dahai,More than him,Left and right arms,Carrying one,On the left is Qi Baozhu,You Shilong,Wen Hui followed、Zhang Wen and many others。 “You two […]

“When’s the matter?”

“Many years。” “But before in the hall,My teacher’s father told me to find him in the Holy Fire Hall after I was full,You were there,right?” “Yes。” “The Holy Fire Temple is destroyed……Where to find?” “So i don’t know。” The boy was completely confused,Stared at the fat man in front of him,I don’t know what to […]

“Also make an alternative。”

“I understand what you mean,Grab Zhang Wenda ahead of them。”Xu Wen nodded,“Also rely on luck,If it’s not true, then be the option。” Next day,The two got up early,All worried‘Homing pigeon’Situation,It’s been past eight o’clock in the morning,Xu Wen can’t hold his breath,Or call it first。 “How about brother?Is it stable??” “It’s settled in the middle […]

However, the Chu Deirers also see him more.,Hearing him“I am so angry”I know that he is going to go,So outside this、Take a hand……

Chapter 92 Qiao Feng past event Longhe big,Chu Deirers are not long ago,In the past“Dragon”and“Control crane”,A set of tends to be integrated“Technique”,At the same time“gas”The effect of the effect。 in“Dragon”Is tendency to internal practice、That is“gas”Martial arts,It is characterized by repairing the internal force. It is easy to stack.,After reaching a certain realm,Can be stacked,Further, a […]

This is the southwestern part of Xijiang Province,Four days have passed since Li Tianzhen chased Zhang Zhiqiang,After the match a day ago,‘Big earthworm’I only sensed the other party once,But in a short time he lost Zhang Zhiqiang’s whereabouts again。

The direction points to Wufeng Mountain in Xijiang Province,But finding someone in the mountains is not easy,Both Li Tianzhi and Zhang Zhiqiang are highly wanted criminals,Can’t walk the road,Can’t do all kinds of public transportation,Once it makes a move, it’s discovered,Will soon be surrounded by groups,A little carelessness is in danger of death。 Don’t talk […]

Blue Lu Jun said,Watch back to the computer,“I am three years old to contact self-learning software programming,Found your own website a month ago,But you can rest assured,I will not do illegal things.,I have an inch yourself。”

Lu Haocheng laughed:“Xiao Jun,Why do you want to tell me??” Lan Jun Jun does not answer,“Dad, you follow me.,Don’t you want to know what I am doing??” Lu Hao Cheng:“”In front of this son,Deep,It seems that it has become transparent.。 “But don’t tell your mother.,My mother will worry。” Blue Lu Jun said,Look at him,Signature he […]

Although it is a working meal,However, the dazzling array of self-selected dishes with good color and fragrance still made the filming team come this time laughed and said that they would just make this meal,It’s worth it。

indeed,There is nothing to say about Yuxin Technology’s food。 Especially western food,Chef can make the feeling of three Michelin stars,How does it feel to see molecular cuisine just put it on Western food to enjoy yourself??It’s not that Wang Yufei deliberately wasted,Different from other foreigners who came to China and were conquered by Chinese cuisine,Old […]

“Humph!”Wright shook his head,“Unexpectedly, Xuelong Castle Lord is also a strong soul mutation,The breath seems to be water and destruction?Fortunately before he found out,I have found an organization selling intelligence。”

The most prosperous section of Xuelong Castle,There is a very large mansion,It is said to be the place where the main people of Xuelong Fort live。But Wright’s consciousness swept through and knew,There is also a very secret information business。 Just like other guests,Wright carried a black wooden stick in his hand,Walked into this mansion。 This […]